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Catnip Cat Brush Comb Toy

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Color: Stainless
Catnip Cat Brush Comb Toy
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Introducing the Makkat Cat Brush Comb Toy, the ultimate grooming and scratching solution for your feline friend. This innovative product doubles as a cat toy, featuring a built-in catnip compartment and a wall-mounted design that allows your cat to indulge in self-grooming while enjoying a stimulating playtime experience.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Catnip Compartment: The brush comb toy comes with a built-in catnip compartment that attracts your cat's attention, encouraging them to engage with the toy and providing them with a rewarding and enjoyable grooming experience.

  • Wall-Mounted Design: The brush comb toy can be easily mounted to any corner of your home, providing your cat with a designated grooming and scratching area that helps satisfy their natural instincts and prevent furniture damage.


  • Dual Functionality: This versatile product serves as both a grooming tool and a scratching post, allowing your cat to groom themselves while simultaneously satisfying their need to scratch and stretch, promoting overall well-being and happiness.


  • Durable and Safe Materials: Made from high-quality and pet-safe materials, the brush comb toy is durable and long-lasting, ensuring hours of entertainment and grooming for your furry friend without any risk of harm.


  • Easy to Install and Clean: The brush comb toy is easy to install with adhesive backing or screws (included), and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or brush, making maintenance a breeze for pet owners.

Provide your cat with the ultimate grooming and play experience with the Makkat Cat Brush Comb Toy. Keep your cat entertained, happy, and well-groomed with this multifunctional grooming accessory.

Upgrade your cat's grooming routine with the Makkat Cat Brush Comb Toy. Order now and treat your furry friend to endless hours of fun and relaxation!






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